Black Eagle Challenger Target Carbon Arrow Shafts 400 Spine (.003") 1 Dozen

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Championship Indoor/3-D Shafts

3D archery can be an exciting way to spend the day with friends, especially with the right equipment. Our carbon target arrows are popular amongst those who enjoy the sport. Our Challenger shafts are extremely durable and are the same weights as our popular Magnum shafts, while the ultra-light shafts are available with a 30-50 lb. spine. These archery target arrows are great for practice use as well as in tournaments.

This carbon shafts spine and lightweight GPI make this extremely durable shaft popular among 3-D shooters. With spines and weights identical to our Magnum shaft, the indoor target shooter can avoid drastic setup changes from NFAA, to FITA, or NAA arrow restrictions.

Arrow Shaft Includes: All components for our Challenger arrows are sold separately, allowing you to customize to fit your needs.

  • Straightness or Straighter: (.003")
  • Grain Weight Tolerance: +/-1
  • Shaft Length: 32"
  • Spine: 400
  • Inner Diameter: (.315")
  • Outer Diameter: (.349")
  • GPI: 6.9
  • Quantity: 1 Dozen