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The Coyote Reaper Headlamp is an ideal choice for hands-free scanning while predator or hog hunting. The adjustable focus and intensity control are among a few of the great features this green, white, and/or red light headlamp has to offer. 

  • 300+ Yards* of Beam Throw
  • Adjustable Focus
  • Intensity control dial
  • Interchangeable LED Bulb Modules  (RED, GREEN, & WHITE)
  • Rechargeable
  • Matte Black Finish

Package Includes

  • Coyote Reaper® Headlamp
  • Choice of Interchangeable LED Bulb Modules
  • Rubber Halo Shield
  • Pair of 18-650 Batteries
  • Charger

Customer Reviews

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Great light!! No dead battery warning.

This is an excellent light overall!! Pretty comfortable and light weight for being a good size headlamp. Very easy to use. The led pill switches out with no issues. The light beam is not as clean as some other brands I use but definitely not an issue. Far as the batter I haven’t really tested the life on them but what I don’t like or at least with my headlamp, there’s no warning... it’s lights out with the battery dies... no flashing, flickering, dimming.. just OFF! Might be a reason for it but I don’t like it lol...

For that a four but if that don’t bother you or not an issue than this will be the perfect light for you!!!