Easton ST AXIS N-Fused Carbon Arrow Shafts 500 Spine 1 Dozen

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Expect The Best

The favorite choice for serious bowhunters looking for deep-penetrating big game performance. New Axis N-FUSED CARBON arrows are the first ever to utilize N-FUSED CARBON nanotubes for increased strength compared to ordinary N-FUSED CARBON arrows. Hidden Insert Technology aligns broadheads for tighter groups.


Straightness: ± .003 
Weight tolerance: ± 2.0 
Black, micro-smooth finish 
High-strength nanotubes infused carbon-composite fibers

    • Internal-fit "X" Nock - installed

    • HIT Insert, chamfer stone, installation tool, HIT epoxy - Included

    • Points and broadhead adapter rings - Sold separately

Note: One size HIT Insert fits all ST Axis shaft sizes


HIT (Hidden Insert Technology)

    • Delivers more accuracy than any other broadhead insert.

    • Provides full contact between broadhead shank and shaft wall for added strength and tighter groups.

    • Uses ultra-small diameter arrow shafts to deliver more kinetic energy and penetration power.

    • Features easy, precise installation.

    • Patent-pending insert system.


    • Patent-pending slim diameter for increased penetration and less wind drift.

    • Thicker shaft wall for increased durability and more kinetic energy down range.

  • Micro smooth finish for reduced wear on the arrow rest, quiet draw & release, and easier target removal.