Tactacam Solo Hunter Package Gun, Bow, Crossbow Package Flat Black

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Tactacam Solo Hunter's Package


    The easy-to-use Tactacam Solo does not interfere with your hunt. Simply attach the Tactacam to your bow, crossbow, gun or scope. Push the power on auto record button to start recording. Push the button again when you want to stop recording. It’s that simple….


    Tactacam Solo was designed for hunters and outdoorsmen using the best electronics. Easy to use; 1 touch operation with vibration indication allows you to hunt and then share your hunt. This small hunting video camera was built with an ultra high quality lens and low light sensor.  Instead of using a fisheye lens, which pushes the images away, Tactacam uses a unique lens design, providing a view similar to what we see with the human eye. 20 yard shots no longer look like a 100 yard shot thanks to the cameras 3x zoom lens.

  • Tactacam Solo hunting action camera
  • Solo Battery
  • USB Cable with Charging Wall Adapter
  • Tactacam decal
  • Flat Black Stabilizer 32mm (Bow Package only)
  • Custom Gun Mount (Gun Package)
  • Under Scope Rail Mount (Gun Package)


Low Light Auto Adjust
Auto Focus Yes
(ZOOM) 3x
Resolution 1080p-30fps
Microphone 0-100db
External Battery Indicator No
Slow Motion Recording No
Battery Life 2.5 hrs
Outer Shell Soft Touch Composite
Weatherproof Yes
HDMI/TV Hookup No
Wi-Fi No
Tactacam™ App Compatible No
Remote Sync No
Control Multiple Tactacams No
Live Streaming Capabilities No

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